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I'm a surface pattern designer based in Melbourne, Australia. I've licensed with various companies all over the world such as Lucy & Yak (UK), RICE (Denmark), Urban Outfitters (USA), Nordstrom (USA), PBS Fabrics (USA), as well as, Spotlight (AU/ NZ), Picnic Folk (Australia), Monster Threads (Australia) and Annabel Trends (Australia). My proudest moment was when I'd designed an entire homeware collection for Target (Australia).

love creating designs that adds joy to everyday life.

My name is Mable

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Corfu, Tulum, Turkey, Mario World in Japan

My mum. I wish she was still here.

I drink way too much coffee.

Eat cake for breakfast.

When I'm in the shower.

"Slow growth. Deep Roots".

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FROM hawthorne supply co.

mable tan x target australia homeware collection 2021/22

mable tan x target australia homeware collection 2021/22

Whilst living in Sweden, I fell in love with the Danish homewares and accessories company RICE and was inspired by their work. It was what sparked my decision to become a surface designer.

My style is whimsical, colourful, with a touch of fun. I draw inspiration from nature, in particular birds, flowers and rainbows. I love devoting my time and energy to creating beautiful things as it gives me so much joy.

I'm an illustrator, an artist, and a surface designer


FROM hawthorne supply co.


My work has been featured in Love Quilting Mag, Quilts & More, Origin Magazine, Flow Magazine (Netherland & USA), Quilts & More (USA), Good Housekeeping (USA), Channel Ten's The Living Room (Australia), Sunday Style (Herald Sun), Women's Fitness (Australia), Shop Til' You Drop (Australia), The Age (Australia), Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) to name a few.

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I've been a creativepreneur for over ten years and as much as I love it, it is a tough gig, my friend. I've explored all sorts of print-on-demand platforms, and in 2019, my Etsy shop reach its 1000th sale milestone. It didn't take me overnight to reach this level of success. Instead, it was years and years of hard work.

When I started licensing my designs, the most frequent question I got on Instagram was, "How did you do it?" That's when I realised I needed to share my journey with other creativepreneurs.

I love sharing what I know with other creatives


Do you have dreams of seeing your designs on products all around the world? If your answer is 'Heck, YES', then let's get geeky about surface pattern design (don't worry, it's going to be a lot of fun). So if your love language is 'art licensing', join me and a talented bunch of surface designers in our private Facebook group

We've had special guests like Bonnie Christine, Stacie Bloomfield and art agent, Jehane come on our Facebook Lives and talk all things surface design. It's a beautiful community that supports and encourage artists of all levels. We got your back, girlfriend!

Let's get your beautiful work out into the world

  • Nordstrom (USA)
  • Urban Outfitters (USA)
  • Target (USA)
  • Macy's (USA)
  • Bloomingdale's (USA)
  • Bed, Bath & Beyond (USA)
  • Next (UK)
  • Hawthorne Supply Co. (USA)
  • Paintbrush Fabrics Studio (USA)
  • RICE (Denmark)
  • Vivie and Dash (USA)
  • Annabel Trends (AUS)
  • Monster Threads (AUS)
  • Spotlight (AUS)
  • Target (AUS)
  • Picnicfolk (AUS)
  • ArtxScrubs (AUS)
  • Willi Heatbags (AUS)
  • Lucy & Yak (UK)

Brands I've Worked With

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Hi, I'm Mable! I'm a surface pattern designer. I'm passionate about creating designs that adds prettiness to every day life.

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