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I'm a surface pattern designer and mentor based in Melbourne, Australia. I get geeky happy when I'm making art and seeing it come to life on all sorts of products. I also enjoy sharing what I've learn about art licensing and love paying it forward so other creatives can get their work out into the world. 

I'm Mable Tan.

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I also design shoes on Bucketfeet.

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"Slow growth. Deep Roots".

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FROM hawthorne supply co.

As a surface pattern designer, I work a lot in repeat patterns. I close my eyes and I see patterns. my Pinterest feed is all about repeat patterns. I even dream in patterns. I'm not kidding! It's a serious affliction but I LOVE it.

Where would you have seen my work?
Nordstrom, Target, Urban Outfitters, Hawthorne Supply Co., Paintbrush Studio Fabrics, Bucketfeet, Monster Threads (Australia) are among a few.

I'm passionate about surface pattern design


FROM hawthorne supply co.


Well, have you walked into a fabric shop and swoon at all the beautiful textiles? Do you hoard wrapping paper (and use it ONLY when it's absolutely necessary)? Do you LOVE snail mail and hold your breath at beautiful writing sets?


All that beautiful designs you see on fabric, wrapping paper, stationery... yeap, that's surface pattern design. 

You're probably wondering, 'What is surface pattern design?'


I've been a creativepreneur for ten years and as much as I love it, it is a tough gig, my friends. I've explored all sorts of print-on-demand platforms, and in 2019, my Etsy shop reach its 1000th sale milestone. It didn't take me overnight to reach this level of success. Instead, it was years and years of hard work.

When I became a surface pattern designer, and started licensing my collection, the most frequent question I get on Instagram is, how did I do it? My intention for the year is to help as many creativepreneurs as possible by sharing what I've learned because I believe there's truly room for everyone!

There is magic in us, baby


Do you have dreams of seeing your designs on products all around the world? If your answer is 'Heck, YES', then let's get geeky about surface pattern design (don't worry, it's going to be a lot of fun).

I'm not going to lie, you do need to apply deliberate and consistent effort to make it in surface pattern design and art licensing. But if you're determine to make it, I'm determine to teach you everything I know.

We’re going to have serious fun together.

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Curious to know more about the world of surface pattern design and art licensing? Explore what it means to make a living as a designer and working with art directors.

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Hi, I'm Mable! I'm a surface pattern designer and mentor. I'm passionate about sharing my love for designing.

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