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Mable Tan is a surface designer based in Melbourne, Australia. Her work is very much inspired by kindness, self-care, nature and birds. She loves devoting her time and energy to creating pretty things that brings joy and happiness to people. She feels that it is her duty as an artist to do so - in fact, some may say it’s her super powers. Her work has been seen in Target Australia, Spotlight, RICE, Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom. She has been featured on both websites (Oh Joy!) and magazines (Mantra, Flow, Origin). 

mable tan

Mélanie Johnsson is a French freelance designer, illustrator and letterer living in Margate, UK. Her work is bold, fun and colourful. She loves spending time in the sea and is in love with the planet: that’s why she prioritises working for eco-friendly brands and passionate people.

melanie johnsson

Instagram: @jehane_ltd

Jehane is the creative heart and mind behind UK-based Illustration Agency Jehane Ltd. A successful designer in her own right, Jehane has licensed hundreds of her own designs all over the world. JEHANE Ltd was founded in 2018 with a vision to be the most imaginative, most alive, and most loved Artist's Agency. Renowned for her exceptional eye and creatively developing concepts, Jehane personally represents 20 distinctive artists from the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, and New Zealand. Clients include Anthropologie, Walker Books, The National Trust and many more. Jehane has recently been commissioned for a two-illustrator book by a major author, to be published by Hachette in 2025. She has given many talks about her artwork including at the V&A.

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Jehane boden spiers

agent, creative director, artist

eco-conscious illustrator & surface designer


• Get Melanie's eBook 'Freelance Illustrator Mini Guide'
• Jehane's Ocean Dreams Moodboard (includes a creative brief) 
• Mable's marketing guide: 'Flow Marketing'
• Mable's "Top 5 Secrets for Surface Designers to Thrive"
• a list of agencies in us & uk;
• pros and cons to joining an agency;
• questions to ask an art licensing agent 
• Get a glossary of important art licensing terms so you know what to look for in contracts
• Lifetime access to the replay
• Transcript of the masterclass in an ebook format


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Jehane Boden Spiers, Melanie Johnsson and I go in-depth on how you can grow your career as a surface designer with or without an agent. This event will go on for 1 hour and 30 minutes. 

We’re going to deep dive on the things like:
- What you should look for in an art licensing agent or agency.
- Should you apply to work with a boutique agency or a large-scale agency? What are the benefits of either?
- How to prepare your portfolio to "wow" an agent
- Find out your rights as an artist before you sign up with an agent
- Ask the right type of questions when you look for an agent to represent you
- Know how to find the right type of art licensing agent for your art

We’re also going to discuss what to do if you decide to do it all on your own
- We’ll talk about the key things you should look for in a contract
- How to look for clients and their contacts
- What to write in your pitch email
- Learn the key terms in a licensing contract
- How to build your business to be multi-income instead of just relying solely on art licensing
- If you can use your artwork posted on POD (print-on-demand) platforms and license it to clients.

about the masterclass


what people have said about the masterclass

Thank you for the Masterclass, Mable. It was so helpful to hear the different opinions and honest points of view from Jehane and Melanie, which just showed that there are so many different routes to make money from selling your work - very reassuring and inspiring! The class was really well structured and covered many topics with golden nuggets of information. I am recently self-employed and new to freelance life, so the best thing about the Masterclass for me was connecting with other designers and hearing first-hand the challenges they have faced during their career and how they have overcome them. Following the masterclass, I feel more confident in reaching out to other companies, with more clarity on what work to include in my portfolio. 


What a wonderful resource “To Agent or not to Agent” is! I’m so glad that I was able to attend and I know that I will be going back to it over and over again. It was such a friendly, positive and frank discussion, and it felt like you all were reading my mind. All the things that I had wondered about but not gotten good answers to in the past were explored in very satisfying detail. It was great to get different perspectives and to see that there are different answers to questions based on the agent, and that that’s ok. Getting a sense of what an agent expects, what their commission is, and what is involved in licensing was priceless. And if that’s not enough, the bonus material is amazing! I find myself feeling much more secure in my belief that having an agent is the way to go for me.

Wickie Rowland

As a person who delving into the surface pattern industry, the ‘Agent or Not to Agent’ masterclass was very informative in understanding perspectives from an agent and an artist/pattern designer. It was great to understand what an agent looks for and what they want to see in a portfolio. Since there were a lot of absorb, I am glad that I can refer to this again and feel confident that I am referring to correct information for the future. It was such a relaxed session and I thoroughly feel less nervous about agents and the industry too!


The Masterclass was very insightful! I didn't even know that there were large scale as well as boutique agencies before this masterclass, so that was interesting to hear about. 

I got an idea about how a boutique agency such as Jehane's dealt with commissions (i.e., when work came through the agent vs when it came through the artist's referral). Mel's view regarding consistency of income when working with an agent vs working on her own was good to know about too.

Both Melanie's and Jehane's answers regarding whether we need a large social media following was encouraging. The insights offered by both of them regarding portfolio and trends was super helpful! The bonus material which covers the questions that we should ask before signing an agent was extremely valuable! 


As a surface designer who is just beginning their journey, the Masterclass gave me a lot of valuable insight into the industry! I'm currently working on my portfolio and the most valuable part in the Masterclass to me was learning about what agents want to see in a portfolio. The masterclass was so helpful in giving me the knowledge I need to create a portfolio that I will feel confident about sending out to clients and/or agents in the future! 


Mable’s masterclass in the sea of online classes out there was a buoy in a storm. Very engaging and genuine while getting right to to answers many of us designers are craving. Efficient use of the platform and filled with great insight and info. Mable’s heart is so pure in it’s intention. Her guests, Jehane and Melanie were honest with their insights, giving a clear look into the world of art agents. It was like joining them all for a coffee. Two more beacons of light again in this sea of an art world. So glad I took the class! 

Carla Fish

The Masterclass was very informative, indeed. Thank you for keeping it enjoyable, too! I loved that all of you shared your personal stories - e.g. your brave initiative to ask a trade show participant to have a look at your portfolio. Opportunities are everywhere!

I wanted to have a clear answer - ‘Agent or Not To Agent’? I have a clearer vision now, but still, I need to decide what’s most important for me. I would love to have a community of likeminded artists in a small agency Jehane was talking about, but I also love how independent and not constricted Melanie is in her creative business decisions. Lots of food for thought!


I really enjoyed the masterclass. I got a lot of great information from it but I think the thing that really stuck is the advice to make what you love first and foremost. Not to just think about what people want to buy which is counter to some other advice I’ve seen before from other classes. I am a realist and I know that I will need to think about whether or not I would personally buy it or not to gauge marketability. But if I’m making the things I love and want to create then it will draw others who like it as well. When Jehane said that it kind of took a little pressure off for me personally. Plus I just enjoyed the joking and laughter you three shared which made it a fun and enjoyable experience. 


I really enjoyed the Agent Masterclass. It is a very pertinent question for me right now, and I liked getting both sides of the picture from your two guests. I made 10 pages of scribbled notes, which is always a good sign that I am really engaged and interested in the discussion. I loved the personalities of your guests, so very good humoured and upbeat, and especially the emphasis on being oneself, not trying to conform to a preconception of what the industry wants from us.  

My take-always are: to update and curate my website, especially the ‘about’ page; not to worry too much about market saturation; and to be more relaxed about showing my personality in my designs and illustrations (a scary thought! 😀). 

Sara Rowan Murray

Your class was perfect timing for me. I’ve just finished my 3rd collection, and was at the point of working out the next challenge and learning all about licensing. Your class showed me the many different options for licensing and I’m so grateful for you creating a class with so much information, experience, humour and industry expertise in an hour and a half. 

The content, questions and experts from both an agent and a designer perspective were hugely helpful to me. Actually the questions were really well thought out and prompted immensely helpful answers from the experts. 

I feel like I’ve had an injection of confidence to take on the next steps of what initially seemed like a huge mountain to conquer. I’m so pleased to say that after taking the master class, it is now only a small hill to climb. Yay! 

My question that I submitted on enrolment was answered perfectly and I’ve already started to build a website in Squarespace as suggested. 

I’m a Bonnie Christine 2022 Alumni and have been on a huge learning curve this year. I’m continually motivated by other designers like yourself, who have licensed your work and continue to shine the light on the path forward for us new designers in the SPD industry.

Lana Woollard

"We must not, in trying to think about how we can make a big difference, ignore the small daily difference we can make which, over time, add up to big differences that we often cannot foresee."

Marian Edelman

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