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1) Why are there only eight (8) dresses available for each design?

2) What's your shipping rate?

3) Why are the dresses available only for a short time?

4) Do you accept returns/ change of mind?

5) More questions? Send it through the form below:

To answer the question, I need to tell you the backstory. As a fabric designer, I get sent a bolt of each design I'd created for Paintbrush Fabrics Studio. Stuck with a mount of fabrics, I was stumped at what to do with all these beautiful textile.  Cue my very talented father-in-law, who has the most amazing superpowers. He can sew, make the best jams (and Christmas puddings) and did I tell you, he was the wardrobe manager for the Australian Ballet for almost four decades?

And so, we decided to join forces and make these super cute flutter pinafore dresses for little girls with the fabric I'd received. That way, it's not sitting around collecting dust and it serves as a nice contribution to my father-in-law's retirement fund. It's a win-win.

We measured out that each bolt will make eight dresses. I have no intention of buying more fabric just because the shipping from the USA is astronomical.  Hence, it's first-come-first serve.

To be honest, we have quite a few requests from quilters and sewing enthusiasts to sell the fabric to them. So what we don't sell as dresses, will go towards selling it as is. Also, as talented as my father-in-law is, I don't think he should be stuck as my sewing elf. He is a busy, busy guy, and if there are dresses constantly to be sewn, he won't be able to make more of his fabulous jam or, play with his grandchildren (insert sad face).

Delivery to Australian addresses will be a flat fee of AUD$6.95 and to international addresses is AUD$14.95. Orders will be delivered via Sendle and will have a tracking number.

Well, yes. Because we don't want you to be stuck with something you don't love. But we also like to remind you that these dresses are made-to-order so it won't be easy for us to re-sell it. Also, since we're based in Australia, you would have to send it back to us (we won't cover the shipping fees) and pay the cost for us to re-deliver the replacement (subject to fabric availability). So, we highly recommend that you to measure the child you're buying this for and purchase according to these dimensions:

AGE 3 - 4: Height 41"; Chest 22"; Waist 20.5"; Hips 23" 
AGE 4 - 5: Height 43"; Chest 22.5"; Waist 21.5"; Hips 24"
AGE 5 - 6: Height 45"; Chest 23"; Waist 22.5"; Hips 25"

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I'm a surface pattern designer based in Melbourne, Australia. I've licensed with various companies all over the world such as, Target, Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, PBS Fabrics in the USA, as well as, Monster Threads and Annabel Trends in Australia. Most recently, my designs were released on RICE Denmark homeware.

I'm passionate about creating designs that adds happiness to every day life.

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