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Six years ago, I received an email from Etsy saying that they were removing all my Scrabble-related products as they received a notice of trademark infringement from Hasbro. They removed 62 of my listings. I was beyond upset. In my naïveté, I felt I was wronged. I wasn't making anything unpleasant nor was I duplicating the scrabble pieces to sell. I was only using it to make cheerful art. Many of those were my best sellers and without it, I wasn't able to attract the same traffic to my Etsy store. In the end, I had to close my shop.

This led me to two decisions:
(1) That I would not rely on one platform as my only source of income,
(2) If I was going to have a career as an artist, I should learn how to play the game right.

It took me awhile to discover surface design, but once I opened that door, I never looked back. Today, I'm actually grateful that this happen because now I have multiple streams of income.

Most importantly, I invested in knowledge and have never regretted my choice to keep learning. When I know more, the more control I have over the situation, and the better the choices I make.

Two years ago, I signed up for Stacie Bloomfield's Leverage Your Art course and it blew my mind. Stacie not only taught me how to squeeze every potential from my art; she also taught me how to negotiate my way through a contract so it would work in my favour which meant the opportunity to make more money! I begin to work smarter, not harder. 

Making a living through art is totally possible. But my vision, is not just to make a living, I want to build a creative empire. And who else better to look to than Stacie Bloomfield? My gut tells me that if you want to do something, learn it from someone who's already doing it.

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"I started to work smarter, not harder. To use what was already in front of me, and to leverage my art to work in my favour. I also learned to lean into my strength and focus on my unique talents. Everyone has their own creative voice, and Leverage Your Art helped me refine mine and made it stronger."

mable tan

full disclosure: I'm a proud partner for 'leverage your art'. I have faith in stacie Bloomfield and her course because i have personally witness it transform not just my path, but, others as well.

Within a year of finishing the course, i've seen leverage graduates make leaps and bounds in their creative careers. i believe that amazing things can happen when we put knowledge to work. doors open, magic takes place, dreams become reality. fortune favours the bold.

My Bonus Class for Leverage Students 2022

This year, I'll be teaching a bonus class for Leverage students called "Storytelling Through Collections". I'll be showing you how I create my collections using simple yet powerful tools to craft your story and how to stand out of the crowd. It may be the missing piece of the puzzle for you to get your artwork license! 

mable tan

"Attract with your art
sell with your story"

In my bonus lesson for Leverage Your Art 2022 students, I show you my method on how I combine storytelling with my collections and how it's helped me licensed my art. Not only did my story get me licensed with Target Australia, it was also featured on their website, social media and press release for publications. 

60 minutes group mentoring call with me

we'll talk about how to find the right type of company for your art

how to grow your social media following

how to build trust & connection using newsletters

my special bonus when you sign up for leverage Your art with my affiliate link:

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LAST DAY OF ENROLLMENT ENDS oN: august 30th [11:59PM cST]


🌿 There are some slight overlaps because it’s under the same umbrella of art licensing, so you’ll get some continuity from Immersion. What’s special about it is that you’ll get to see it from Stacie’s perspective. Personally, I always feel art licensing varies so much from artist to artist. Their approach is unique, while there are some things in common, how they apply it in their business is different. I find that really fascinating. 


🌿 It’s good to educate yourself and set up the foundations now rather than wait until you have a complete portfolio. It’ll be much easier when you have systems in place and know how to work around a brief. I’ve taken both Immersion and LYA and personally, I’ve always saw Leverage as Part 2 of Immersion. Leverage will go more in-depth with the business side, and, it blows my mind how many ways an artist can use their art to make money in so many different ways. I wish I knew all of that when I started more than 10 years ago!
As all things, there will be a price increase in Leverage in 2023 so if you want to lock in this year’s price, this the best time to do it. You'll have this version of Leverage for life - which is extremely useful because you'll always have something to fall back on no matter what stage you're at.


🌿 Hi! I'm based in Australia and I love that the lessons in Leverage has no borders. You can apply the knowledge no matter where you're from. You won't just learn about art licensing but also how to create products and wholesale it to your local retailers. You'll learn how to set up an online shop and sell your products globally. So to answer your question, absolutely!



Mable is such a joy! She is very down to earth and easy to talk to. I'm still quite the newbie when it comes to surface pattern design, but she made me feel at ease to ask any questions and gave me some great insights. She made me feel like this is something I can do, too, and to trust my instincts and believe in myself. I am so grateful that I had the chance to talk with Mable. I've been following her on Instagram for a while and admire her journey. Thank you, Mable, for encouraging me to pursue my dreams!

Mitsu Beck

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I loved my one-on-one session with Mable. It was such a great opportunity to learn from her knowledge and expertise. Mable was so encouraging, I really appreciated her positive feedback, as well as her suggestions that I will look at implementing. Mable was so friendly and easy to talk with, and I’m grateful to have had this chance to have a personal chat with someone whose work I admire, and who has such great professional experience to share. 

Kathryn Munro
instagram: @wrimpledesigns

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Mable is such a kind, supportive, and understanding coach - her energy immediately puts you at ease. She helped me see things in my art that I had never considered before, and was even able to connect aspects of my older work to my newer work to help me gain better clarity around my overall style and vision. She gave me great tips to elevate my current portfolio and move ahead with confidence. I'm so happy to have connected with her! 

Jaime Bramble Schell
instagram: @brambleschellstudio

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"It was an absolute privilege and honor to speak to Mable during the one-on-one mentoring session. I had several questions prepared and she answered them very clearly as well as provided me the advice I was looking for to continue moving in the right direction. I don't have a portfolio complete at this stage but she was more than willing to take a look at the patterns I was working on for my first collection and provide her general thoughts as well as how to begin sharing this work on Spoonflower sooner than later. Her positive and encouraging feedback was certainly motivating especially coming from such a successful creative. She was the first to see the patterns of my first collection thus far so it was very uplifting for someone to have a positive reaction to my work especially when I'm at such an early stage. I would absolutely recommend this mentoring session to anyone who is seeking advice, feels they need some direction or want a portfolio review. Mable is fantastic!

trisha patel

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I had a really great coaching session with Mable. She helped me with specifics of what I can expect from a transition to surface design/surface pattern design as well as some more general info so I can set up realistic expectations and goals. The information she provided has made me more confident in setting up my basic plan of action and what to expect in terms of workload as well as income. I felt really great after our session – it was such a positive experience!

Karen Parry
instagram: @kazandkika

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It was such a lovely experience to talk to Mable, she is an amazing listener and an even better coach. She treats you gently and projects this great energy that makes you feel everything will work out for you. She shares her experience with honesty and transparency and relates to whatever stage you are at because she has been there too, which makes her recommendations even more achievable. I'm so grateful I had this opportunity to talk to her as she provided a totally different perspective on how to look at some important key elements for this creative journey to be an enjoyable one. I'm absolutely sure I will contact Mable again when I'm ready for the big steps, her guidance is invaluable. Thank you very very much.

yralmy pereira

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It was a great pleasure to have our mentoring one-on-one session with you! I had some important questions and all of them were answered comprehensively. I am still a beginner in surface pattern design, so this call was really helpful for me to build my confidence and see my career opportunities. You are so kind, warm and honest, but still a professional, so hearing that my work has a lot of potential was the best part. You also gave me some advice on the things I haven't thought about, so it helped me to open my eyes wider and start dreaming even bigger. The whole session was very positive and uplifting, so I am really happy that I had a chance to be mentored by the artist I really admire. You are the best!

Laura Zutaute
INSTAGRAM: @hands_are_sea

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