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I struggled to make an income after my son was born.

You see, I had an Etsy shop for five years as a fine art photographer and I was making consistent income there. But unknowingly, I’d made the mistake of putting my Etsy shop on vacation mode for several months because I’d wanted to savour the previous moments with my newborn. 

When I was ready to re-open the shop, I couldn’t gain traction to the shop. I tried everything I could to revive my creative business for three years, but nothing worked. From SEO courses to using influencers, to a market flop… I was scraping the bottom of the barrel. 

Desperate and dejected… I didn’t know where to go, or what to do.

Then, a friend I made through Etsy sent me an email. She wrote: “Hello Mable, I hope you are doing well! Below is a course I thought you may be interested in. I have been following Bonnie for 10 years now, she's a really good graphic designer!

So, I took plunge and signed up for the Immersion Course. it was my first introduction to surface pattern design. It opened my eyes to a whole world of possibilities I never knew existed. I inhaled every lesson, and from then on, I poured my heart and soul into carving a path for myself as a surface designer.

Fast forward to 2021, I stood in Target in one of the largest shopping centre in Melbourne staring at my homeware range. In front of me were bedsheets, cushions, covers, mugs, bottles, candles with my art and my name on every label

Since 2019, I have licensed with RICE DK, Monster Threads, Spotlight AU, Annabel Trends, Wili Heatbags, PBS Fabrics, Vivie and Dash and many other companies around the world. I am confident, empowered, and hopeful for my future, and more importantly, I became a happier mother and wife. I’m so thankful to be able to do what I do and I can’t wait for you to go on this journey yourself. I’m here to hold your hand and help you carve a path out for yourself.

It can be a wild, lonely world out there, but I'm here for you

I love mentoring and coaching emerging artists and I'd love to be part of your journey to help make your dreams come true. The light in me, sees the light in you. I want to see you SHINE, girl! I know it can happen for you. 

I discovered the world of surface design in 2018. I should say, rather, it'd discovered me…
and saved me.

Who is this for?

This mentoring session is perfect for emerging surface designers who have completed the Immersion Course, or have been trying to license their art for a few awhile and just in need of that extra bit of direction to build their surface design career.

In our mentoring session, we can look at your portfolio and see which industry it's most suited for; or, if you need some guidance in planning your creative career path, we can discuss strategies and options.

Believe me, there are plenty of doors available for you.

Why I love doing this...

Over the years, I have offered mentoring sessions as part of a bonus package and I've discovered a love and joy for it. I feel so honoured to be part of your world. When you open up your door to me and share your stories, I can't help but to feel part of your journey. It makes always makes me excited to see all the possibilities available for you to take your art to the next level. Thank you for trusting me to be part of this deeply personal and beautiful chapter of your life.

What you get...


40 mins one-to-one coaching call / portfolio review / creative career strategy planning with me

ebook "how to license your art in 12 months"
valued at $99


reserve your spot now

*only 8 spots availabLE for august 2022

(coaching sessions will be $Aud350 after intro period)

i've been selling my art for 12 years but it's only been the last four years i discovered surface design and art licensing. it has taken my creative career to new heights. I wish I knew how to license my art sooner.

I've compiled four years of research, education and experience into this ebook.

 It includes bonus chapters on how to develop your signature style, plus 100 prompts for a self-guided 100 days art challenge. it's the complete package with work sheets to help you plan your path and create the habits to make your dreams come true.

 sample pages of the ebook


"It took me 12 months to license my art without the help of an agent, or by exhibiting at a trade show. Well, technically, I did have an agent and I did exhibit at Surtex in 2019, but ironically, I never got licensed from that. Everything happened when I decided to take responsibility and control over my creative career."

mable tan


"It was an absolute privilege and honor to speak to Mable during the one-on-one mentoring session. I had several questions prepared and she answered them very clearly as well as provided me the advice I was looking for to continue moving in the right direction. I don't have a portfolio complete at this stage but she was more than willing to take a look at the patterns I was working on for my first collection and provide her general thoughts as well as how to begin sharing this work on Spoonflower sooner than later. Her positive and encouraging feedback was certainly motivating especially coming from such a successful creative. She was the first to see the patterns of my first collection thus far so it was very uplifting for someone to have a positive reaction to my work especially when I'm at such an early stage. I would absolutely recommend this mentoring session to anyone who is seeking advice, feels they need some direction or want a portfolio review. Mable is fantastic!

trisha patel

what people are saying...


Mable is such a kind, supportive, and understanding coach - her energy immediately puts you at ease. She helped me see things in my art that I had never considered before, and was even able to connect aspects of my older work to my newer work to help me gain better clarity around my overall style and vision. She gave me great tips to elevate my current portfolio and move ahead with confidence. I'm so happy to have connected with her! 

Jaime Bramble Schell
instagram: @brambleschellstudio

what people are saying...


I highly recommend Mable Tan's e-book, “How To License Your Art in 12 Months,” to ANYONE considering a career in surface design. I have a BFA in graphic design, and been a professional designer, art director, and creative director for over 20 years, and I already have some of my work licensed. Yet, I still found an enormous value in this book. Being a practiced artist and designer is one thing, but understanding the world of licensing your art is a completely different skill. Mable’s book breaks down the information you need to approach clients and get your work licensed. I appreciate the positivity in Mable’s writing style. As I read the book, it feels like Mable is there with me as a friend, encouraging me and believing in me. It feels doable, and I also feel like I have gained a community of friends who I can ask questions to and grow with. Mable also shares real numbers as starting points for pricing your work, as well as her own negotiation strategies. Thank you Mable, for putting together this valuable information in such a fun read!

annie riker
surface pattern designer
InstaGram: @annieriker
website: annie 

what people are saying...


This e-book is like a coffee table read jam packed with useful information, personal stories and inspiration. I read the whole thing in one sitting and felt energised and that bit more ready to tackle the next steps on my own journey. I will be rereading it, no doubt, many times to refocus and find new motivation when I need. I'm about to start my 100 day project and Mable's chapter on it has given me the courage to embark on this quite daunting commitment. I'm sure I'll be dropping into her prompts list on the way. Thank you so much, Mable, for this gorgeous publication.

anna dourado
surface pattern designer

what people are saying...


Your e-book was exactly what I need at this point in my journey. I’m glad I jumped to buy it as soon as it was released! The book is filled with nuggets of wisdom, practical advice, technical tips and a good dose of attitude. There were so many relatable points in your story, it felt serendipitous. I opened it up while my 1-year old napped - on me - and took it all in in one sitting, despite my own desire to take a nap too. I have so much left to do, but it feels good to have a real handbook to help me get there. Thank you for your beautiful work. 

surface pattern designer

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