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365 Art Prompts &
Pitch Schedule

If you’re a surface designer, then this is for you. I've created a guide that will level up your surface design game. This PDF is fully equiped with 365 prompts, fun themes, colour palettes AND a pitching schedule of when to pitch to art directors. Bonus, it also suggests the best time frame to upload your artwork to your POD shops.

This is THE MOST comprehensive guide I've ever put together and it will change how you work. Download it for FREE and you’ll get access to the PDF, as well as, the Excel sheet schedule which you can print and put up on your wall. The guide also shows you the best time of the year to upload to a POD platform like Spoonflower so that your future customers have time to purchase your fabric for their sewing projects in time for seasons like Halloween or Christmas. On top of that, there are also tips on how to create a great pattern and make it interesting.

Use this guide to up level your surface design game - you don’t have to only create in repeat patterns, you can also draw placement/ standalone prints to put on greeting cards or drink bottles. The sky's the limit. This is a self-paced creative journey so you don't have to create every day if life gets in the way. Pick and choose the month you want to make art based on what you can or can't commit.

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Over the years, I've learned when to create and pitch seasonal art like Valentine's Day, Halloween and Christmas to companies around the world. I've create a guide for aspiring and existing surface designers free to download and use so you can confidently create artwork to put in your Spoonflower shop or pitch to art directors.

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WOW! Mable’s 365 prompts guide is the most thorough prompt guide I have seen! The schedule of when to pitch my designs from each month to companies and upload to POD gives me a solid plan for my art for the year and has taken away my overwhelm.

instagram: @loopla.designs

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Honestly, the schedule is blowing my mind, sent a few collections to companies wildly late in the schedule. Thank you so much for this!

cat munzing
instagram: @munzygoods

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Thank you so much Mable! I worked on my own schedule for creating + pitching and uploading on Spoonflower but your PDF is huge! I can clearly see your experience, knowledge and love in it! Great work! Thank you for being so generous!

instagram: @nataliaoro_studio

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Just downloaded your yearly prompts guide, woooow thank you so much! So much useful info and inspiration and even colour palettes. I can't wait to start using it ASAP.

instagram: @katiethomascreative

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Like most other creatives, there are days I need a little bit of help getting the creative juices flowing. Mable's 365 Prompts PDF is the perfect companion on days I need a little bit of direction to get started. She gives so many wonderful prompts, including themes and colour palettes. No matter what you're looking to create and make, this guide is sure to inspire you and get you making art!

sheri cifaldi-morrill
instagram: @wholecirclestudio

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WOW!!! Thank you so much for providing this FREE resource when it seems everyone is just trying to make money on the community!!! This is so valuable! Thank you so much Mable! Expecting baby number three and just feel so out of focus. This is exactly what I needed!

Allison beth
instagram: @flowerandvinestudio

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The 365 challenge by Mable Tan is so much more than an art challenge. Yes there are 12 full months of prompts with colour palette suggestions, giving your creativity a huge nudge for cohesive collection making. The real golden nuggets are the proposed pitching and POD schedules. It demystifies and takes the guesswork out of knowing when to pitch and the tips on pattern making encourages balanced collections. Mable is a seasoned surface pattern designer, her methods work. I am so happy I downloaded this challenge and can learn from such an incredible artist.

jess gattone
instagram: @sparetiredesign

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Thank you so much for doing this Mable! I haven’t been able make a pattern everyday but having a prompt for me has helped with thinking up patterns and only after a week, I can see things coming together faster in my mind! The guidance on when to pitch and post on PODS is so helpful and makes me feel like I have a sense of direction.

instagram: @vivienyipillustrations

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Thank you so much! I've participated in various challenges, but I've never seen anything as comprehensive, useful, fun, and exciting as this. Thank you for generously sharing your work and for encouraging us with these inputs. You are a treasure, Mable Tan! 

Maddalena Mombelli

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I just wanted to thank you so so much for creating this guide. I'm not yet full-time in my business, in fact, I'm very much at an early stage, but I just wanted to pop in and let you know that I appreciate you for creating this tool as I already know it's one of the things that will support me on my journey to becoming a surface designer. I know the value of this tool so a big THANK YOU.

Chrystel LABEZIN

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I'm a surface pattern designer based in Melbourne, Australia. I've licensed with various companies all over the world such as Lucy & Yak (UK), RICE (Denmark), Urban Outfitters (USA), Nordstrom (USA), PBS Fabrics (USA), as well as, Spotlight (AU/ NZ), Picnic Folk (Australia), Monster Threads (Australia) and Annabel Trends (Australia). My proudest moment was when I'd designed an entire homeware collection for Target (Australia).

love creating designs that adds joy to everyday life.

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