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bonnie christine's Immersion Course 2024

I'm a proud partner of the Immersion Course. It's where I'd learned to be a surface designer. It is an online training program for anyone who wants to learn how create artwork that creates income. This wonderful 8-weeks journey into the world of surface design starts with Adobe Illustrator, how to put together a professional portfolio, how to license your art and how to create a sustainable creative business.

Bonnie Christine is a thorough, kind and gentle teacher, and with her guidance, you’ll be able to make repeat patterns, create collections and, learn how to put your work out into the world! Whether you have zero skills with Adobe Illustrator or have 20-years of experience as an artist, this course will meet you where you’re at and help you accomplish your BIG dreams. 

You’ll have access to the 2024 course for life so if you need more time to go through all the modules, you can do it at your own pace. It also means, you can watch the modules again and again (and again).

One of my favourite things about the Immersion Course is the community. You’ll be able to share the highs and lows of your journey with your ‘Immersion sisters’. Some of you will foster wonderful friendships that will last for years. You’ll practically have your hands held all the way; have your questions answered in the Live Q&A sessions; and have access to the replays for whenever you need to catch it.

Make 2024 the year you take control of your creative career.

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Enrollment for immersion opens February 13, 2024

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LAST DAY OF ENROLLMENT IS FEBRUARY 20 2024 and reopens next year. don't miss out!

"Within 18 months of taking the Immersion course, I've made back what I paid for the Immersion course ten times over. I'm confident when I pitch my work to art directors; I can negotiate and read contracts; I absolutely love being on this path as a full time surface designer."

mable tan

watch how the immersion course changeD my life. it will inspire you!

Bonnie Christine's Immersion Course works and I stand by it 110%. I've taken many courses in my life, and this is one of the few courses I truly believe in. It's helped me gain confidence in myself. I feel empowered and free because Bonnie Christine opened my mind to what I can do and achieve in my life.

I'm a proud affiliate for the immersion course because i know it transforms lives. I hope it reaches as many people as possible so they can change their lives for the better, just as i did.

first 15 people to sign up will receive a 60 mins coaching call with me.

use my affiliate link to get these bonuses:

5 people will be picked at random to win a one-to-one mentoring call with me

one 60 mins Q&A  zoom call with me

Here's a few that were asked...

💬 I'm in my 50s, is it too late for me to have a creative career?

🌿 Absolutely not. We've always been told to be 'someone' - how to be the perfect daughter, the perfect wife, the perfect mother and all our wants and needs were pushed out of sight. This is the time to for you to do what you want, to listen to our long-forgotten inner child and let us be who we are meant to be.

When I took the step towards the Immersion Course, I gave myself the permission to do what my soul has always needed. And it was like walking into Disneyland for artists. Oooh it was so visually beautiful and inspiring. I finally allowed myself to play!

Let go of the pressure of needing to earn money for a little. That's a result. I strongly believe now that when you follow your passion, the money will follow.

💬 I've never touched Illustrator in my life! I don't even know how to draw but I always had a good eye. Is Immersion for me?

🌿 Immersion is perfect for beginners. Even as an advanced student, I learn so much from the Illustrator modules. You don't need to know how to draw, or be good at it. Bonnie has always claimed she was not a good drawer (I know, it's hard to imagine), but it's all in the 'tricks'. There are many ways to create art without knowing how to draw and Bonnie teaches all the different strategies. And if you need more help, the support team is there for you.

💬 I'm already work as freelance illustrator, how will taking Immersion benefit me?

🌿 I think the modules in Immersion can still be advantageous for professional graphic designers especially when it comes to how to make a collection, putting a portfolio together, how to pitch to clients and understanding contracts. The business aspect of being a surface designer is so important.

The best part of being a surface designer is the freedom to make art that represents you. You're giving voice to your creative expression. It's not your clients, their brand and product - it's all you. You get to put the beauty you create out in the world.

Then, there's also making your art work hard for you. As a graphic designer and illustrator, that piece of work is only meant for one use and one client, but with surface design, it can be put on as many products possible for several clients (depending on the agreement, of course, but if you know how to negotiate, it can be done towards your advantage). Working like that will give you more time to do other things.


🌿 Oh man, I remember that feeling. It’s the pits. I had just enough money to sign up for Immersion and I felt so torn. Do I spend more money on yet another course that may do nothing for my career, or do I use it towards groceries? I was a new mum, so nappies and formula milk was always on the list (I couldn’t breastfeed, but that's an entirely different story).

This was what I’d say to everyone: If it doesn’t break the bank, and you can still afford the necessities e.g. pay the bills, mortgage/ rent, put food on the table, then I’d say, “Yes, it’s VERY much worth the investment.”

I had to give a career talk to my son recently, and my little guy was so proud of me. He was wearing the raincoat I’d design, showing off all the stuff that had my art on it to his classmates. It was so sweet and a little embarrassing. To see him so full of pride for me and my work made me feel that I made the right choice.

Your kids will learn from you. They will see how hard you’ve work towards your dreams and passion. And to me, that’s such a valuable life lesson.

💬 when will I know if I've made the first 15 for the 1:1 coaching call? when you deliver the group Q&A and will there be a replay?

🌿 the first 15 and lucky winners to the coaching call will be notified within a week after immersion enrollment cart closes or when i get my affiliate report from the immersion team. the bonus sessions will be delivered between may 1 - august 1 2024. you will be notified by email with all the details as soon as possible. the zoom call is recorded so if you can't make it live to the Q&A zoom call, the replay link will be sent to you. 

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"It was an absolute privilege and honor to speak to Mable during the one-on-one mentoring session. I had several questions prepared and she answered them very clearly as well as provided me the advice I was looking for to continue moving in the right direction. I don't have a portfolio complete at this stage but she was more than willing to take a look at the patterns I was working on for my first collection and provide her general thoughts as well as how to begin sharing this work on Spoonflower sooner than later. Her positive and encouraging feedback was certainly motivating especially coming from such a successful creative. She was the first to see the patterns of my first collection thus far so it was very uplifting for someone to have a positive reaction to my work especially when I'm at such an early stage. I would absolutely recommend this mentoring session to anyone who is seeking advice, feels they need some direction or want a portfolio review. Mable is fantastic!

trisha patel
immersion graduate 2022

what people are saying about my mentoring calls...

Mable’s one-on-one call was everything I needed to continue on after finishing the Immersion course. She offered insight and details into where I should be focussing my time and energy, how to stay motivated, and what it takes to be successful in the surface pattern design industry. Mable was eager to learn and understand where I am and where I want to go in this career. This helped her to address and tailer her information to my situation. I am truely grateful to have had the opportunity to speak with her, and I would recommend a one-on-one with Mable for anyone interested in pursuing surface pattern design.

britney munday
INSTAGRAM: @munday_designs

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My one-on-one mentoring session with Mable left me feeling motivated and incredibly positive.  The conversation was easy and professional with the time flying by. Mable’s words were well-considered and constructive, pointing out where I needed focus and showing me how to prioritise. She was encouraging and helpful, and every question was given an intelligent response. But don’t think it was all serious stuff, this was a conversation that included humour and kindness mixed with a few ‘tough questions’. And it all made perfect sense. Mable has provided me with the clarity and knowledge on what I need to do next. At the completion of the session, I was brimming with a new found confidence. It is now all up to me.

Christine Giarrusso
instagram: @nellyandisobel

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