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Leana Fischer is the artist behind the fine art and stationery brand May We Fly. She finds joy in simple pleasures. Over the past five years of working as a full-time artist. She has had the privilege of working with clients including Hallmark, Papyrus, Terrain, Design House Greetings, and Crystal Bridges Museum of Art, and sells her products to customers around the world.

printful expert

Spoonflower Shop: @katerhees
Instagram: @katerhees

Kate Rhees is a professionally trained accountant who has always been obsessed with colour and pattern. She has licensed her artwork to companies all over the world to make puzzles, socks, wallpaper, swimsuits, stickers, baby gear, fabric, and the list goes on. Kate enjoys no less than five cups of liquorice tea per day.

spoonflower expert

Instagram: @catcoq

Cat Coquillette is a world-traveling artist, entrepreneur, and Skillshare educator. Whether she is painting florals found in the jungles of Vietnam, exotic wildlife from the Amazon Rainforest, or patterns inspired from Scandinavian textiles, Coquillette’s designs and inspiring messages of positivity bring a fresh perspective to everyone her artwork touches.

society6, redbubble expert

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up your POD game for the year

Focus your sight on the future you want and not on what's happening now. The seeds you planted is in the past. It's time to sow the seed for the future you.

Learn the secrets of print-on-demand (POD) from three artist experts. Make 2022 the year you build your creative empire!

Join Kate Rhees, Cat Coquillette and Leana Fischer (May We Fly) and listen how they've used POD platforms like Spoonflower, Redbubble, Society6 and Printful to create ceiling-less incomes for their creative businesses.

At the end of the session, you will be able to:
- Understand how to create a POD account, upload artwork to the site
- Learn how to create consistently and build a vast portfolio of work
- Mark-up your prices to make a sustainable profit from each customer's order
- Grow an audience on social media 
- Know the optimal ways to get your shop noticed
- Be a total badass at the POD game

GIFTS & BONUSES you will receive:
1. eBook 'A Beginner's Guide to Print-On-Demand'
2. Color Swatches for Procreate by Cat Coq
3. Color Palette by Cat Coq
4. A video tutorial on 'How to Link Printful to Your Etsy shop' by Leana Fischer
5. A Step-By-Step Video on How To Upload Your Art to Spoonflower by Kate Rhees
6. Transcript of the POD Masterclass in a simplified Q&A ebook
7. Lifetime access to the REPLAY!

about the masterclass

 sample pages of the ebook

a beginner's guide to print-on-demand

  • How often do you start uploading your work, or how often did you upload your work on Society6, Spoonflower, Etsy when you first started and how is it different now?
  • Do you have someone to help you with your uploading or do you do it by yourself? 
  • Are there any benefits to uploading on Society6, Spoonflower, Etsy daily as opposed to batches?
  • How do you decide on what to use as a tag and does the name or a title of the design make a difference of being found on Society6, Spoonflower, or, Etsy? 
  • Does the title in Etsy make a difference?
  • How do you get featured on Society6 and Spoonflower? Does being featured usually increase sales? 
  • Does Red Bubble do the same [marketing and promotion] as Society6?
  • How do you organiSe your portfolio online? 
  • Do you have a spreadsheet of all your best-selling designs for your sales?
  • Is there a magic number of how many designs we should have on our POD platform to sell consistently?
  •  Can you upload your designs that you put on Society6 onto other POD platforms? 
  • Can artwork on POD sites be licensed?
  • What is your backup plan should Instagram close your account?

and much much more...

questions asked in the masterclass


what people are saying...

I was on the fence about purchasing Mable Tan’s POD Masterclass featuring Cat Coquillete, Kate Rhees and Leana Fischer for financial reasons. Some of the best educational money I have spent. It was great to hear from these 3 experts while they discussed their platforms (Society 6, Spoonflower and Etsy /Printful). I came out with some expert tips about each of these platforms and completely INSPIRED. I learned the benefits of each platform. As always, Mable is gracious, personal and “real” asking the questions we want answers to. If that wasn’t enough there were bonus “freebies” and Mable provided a complete transcript with hyperlinks to the things they discussed so I didn’t have to worry about note taking, I just SOAKED it all in. A real value. I got more than money’s worth. I loved this Masterclass. Can’t wait to watch it again!!!

Barbara Abbatiello
surface pattern designer

Thank you for providing us with a pdf transcript of the Masterclass, a guide for beginners, and the other resources. This must have taken oodles of your time so just want to let you know how much I appreciate this as a newcomer to POD. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the class and learning from your guest designers. Many of my questions were answered, if not all, and I have a clearer vision of my focus and next steps. It’s people like you who make a true difference in the lives of others.

Angela Vaculik
illustrator/ surface designer/ web designer

Mable Tan’s POD Masterclass is well worth the investment for anyone starting their POD journey. In answering Mable’s specific questions the panel of experts provided a lot of usable tips – both little steps for immediate action, and insights for longer-term planning. I came away with a long list of suggestions to improve my experience on the POD platforms I am already using, and things to consider as I evaluate which POD platforms to expand into. The many bonuses were icing on the cake after all the valuable information provided in the class. Thank you, Mable, Cat, Kate and Leana for sharing your hard-earned knowledge and experience!

Andrea Dhas
surface pattern designer

In 7 years of being a full time artist, I’ve had so many different offerings, but one that intimidated me was licensing. I was always curious about it so I signed up for the POD masterclass at the very last minute and am so glad I did! All of the speakers were a wealth of knowledge and I found myself taking pages of notes throughout the entire class. It simplified and demystified licensing your artwork and I left feeling so empowered! Actually right after the workshop, I restarted my Society6 and Casetify accounts. A few weeks later, I was surprised that I received $120 from sales, and those were from artwork that I’ve painted YEARS ago. How cool is that?! I am so thankful to Mable and all of the speakers for sharing so openly about their journey and making this seem totally possible (because it totally IS!) 

dianuh aerin kim
full-time artist

This masterclass is very informative & truly eye-opening. I recommend it to anyone who's looking to generate new streams of income as an artist but doesn't know where to start or which next steps to take first. It has opened a new realm of possibility for me which I couldn't be happier. I also loved that the three artists featured in this masterclass come from different backgrounds, have different experiences and give practical advice, so you can choose which ones work best for you based on where you are in your journey. And to top it all, the bonuses are extremely valuable too.
Definitely worth the investment

surface pattern designer

I found Mable Tan's POD Masterclass with Kate Rhees, Cat Coquillette and Leanna Fischer to be a fantastic source of inspiration. These three industry experts chatted about their respective platforms (Spoonflower, Society6 and Etsy/Printful) in an easy going manner while divulging encouraging insights and an in depth knowledge of POD. I came away from the class feeling extremely motivated, thinking I too, can make it work. Thank you so much Mable for the brilliant class, the subsequent transcript and hyperlinks and other bonus freebies. Worth every cent!

Caroline Harberd
 surface designer

I took the POD masterclass to inspire me, (the kick in the arse kind of inspire), to jump start my older Redbubble & Printful accounts. I so loved it because it is detailed & specific. Your speakers know what they are doing & tell all. The POD masterclass made me realize that it is possible to make money when I am consistent, inspired & diligent. Absolutely worth the money. My POD Mantras are:  "Magic Happens When I Am Challenged”, "Stay Creative Even if It Seems Crazy Hard”.

Merry Cox
surface pattern designer

"We must not, in trying to think about how we can make a big difference, ignore the small daily difference we can make which, over time, add up to big differences that we often cannot foresee."

Marian Edelman

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