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A chat with… Bonnie Christine

I am so pleased to put this up on the blog! Bonnie Christine is my mentor, inspiration and the catalyst to making my career as a surface pattern designer.

Last week, Bonnie very generously came on the Dreamers and Doers Facebook group and did a Facebook Live call. She answered every question like the pro that she is and we had a great time.

As you already know, Bonnie teaches a comprehensive 8-week Online training program, called the Immersion Course, and it is for anyone who wants to learn Adobe Illustrator, pattern design and the business of how to become a licensing artist.

Whether you’re brand new or established and ready to soar, this course will meet you where you’re at and help you accomplish your BIG goals. Bonnie Christine knows, the best way to accomplish your biggest goals is to immerse yourself in the learning, the industry and in the community. 

And trust me, she doesn’t hold anything back.

The incredibly comprehensive, 8 week course is broken up into 6 modules with lessons released at the beginning of each week. It may sound like a lot, but rest assured she’s broken it up into bite sized pieces that build upon each other and are easy to follow. 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • March 2: Module 1 Part 1 – Intro to Illustrator
  • March 9: Module 1 Part 2 – Illustrator Advanced
  • March 16: Implementation Week
  • March 23: Module 2 – Repeating Patterns Pro
  • March 30: Module 3 – Collection Creation
  • April 6: Implementation Week
  • April 13: Designing Your Portfolio
  • April 20: The Business of Surface Design

As you know, I’m an affiliate for Bonnie‘s Immersion Course. I feel very strongly about this course and I cannot say enough about it. It is just life changing and it is and will be the ONLY course I support.

It is a roadmap to anyone who wants to be a successful surface pattern designer. It has saved me years of fiddling around on my own, Googling ways on how to get licensed. I credit my success entirely to the course and the incredible encouragement and support I get from the community. You will get more than what you invest in. I can guarantee you that.

Because of how much I believe in the Immersion, I’m offering a $97 Amazon gift card / cash back if you decide to take that leap of faith and sign up for the 2020 Immersion Course, using my affiliate link here.
You can choose to purchase art supplies or use the money for your Adobe Illustrator subscription.

I am also working on a guide/ book about how to get licensed in 12 months. That’s what I was able to do after finishing the Immersion and it is based on my experience. I will also be gifting that to you when you register for the course.

Let’s do this thing together. Join me and my favorite teacher in the Immersion Course

Enrollment is open February 18th – February 25th. It only opens once a year, so don’t delay.

Surface Design Immersion is the course that will help you accomplish your BIG goal and catapult you into the career you’ve been dreaming of.

My biggest hope is for you to live your life doing that one thing you were born to do. 

Enrollment closes February 25th, for the rest of the year.

>> Click Here To Learn More <<

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