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A chat with … Stacie Bloomfield

We had an awesome time with Stacie Bloomfield of Gingiber in our Facebook group earlier this month. She is a wealth of knowledge and was incredibly generous with her time. We ended up chatting for 1.5 hours!

Listen to the interview with Stacie here:

If you haven’t already heard, Stacie is teaching an intensive 8 weeks course called ‘Leverage Your Art‘. It is only open once a year, and right now, enrolment is open from June 16th – June 23rd 2020.

If you are a creative person, who loves to know how to make a sustainable income through art, THIS course is for you.

I’ve signed up for this course because honestly, you guys, selling doesn’t naturally to me. It’s something I’ve had to work at for years and I still face bumps along the way. I know how to make art, and sure, I can pitch it to companies, but I don’t know how to squeeze all the potential from my art the way Stacie can.

Stacie Bloomfield has created more ways on how to leverage her art than any creative I’ve known. I think she’s super smart and the best thing I can do for myself, is learn from someone smarter than I am.

She has 11 years of experience behind her, licensed her art to William Sonoma, Crane and Co, Sellers Publishing, Crate and Barrel and Moda Fabrics, sold to 600+ retail stores, teach and host workshops at her studio and lead a growing team of employees. This year, because of COVID-19, her wholesale sales came to a screeching halt BUT Stacie has managed to pivot and created more income (that’s right) than she did in previous years. Instead of letting go her staff, she’s had to increase (wo)manpower to meet demand. Stacie Bloomfield is truly a creative powerhouse.

Here’s just some of the things Stacie will cover in her 8-week course, Leverage Your Art:

Module 1: Saying YES To Your Creative Voice

  • Written Interview with Moda Fabrics
  • BRIEF Overview of surface pattern design
  • Show how to make a repeat pattern (brief)
  • Finding your voice while being on trend
  • Creating complimentary products to go with your fabric produced by other companies

Module 2: Building The Art Career Of Your Dreams

  • Interview with Leah Duncan
  • Interview with Ashley Goldberg
  • Social Media presence importance
  • Beating the algorithm with cohesivity
  • 20 FREE Product & Lifestyle Photoshop Mockups
  • How to set yourself apart – The “big yellow giraffe” method of standing out in a crowd

Module 3: The Art of Pitching & Being Heard

  • Q&A Session with former CEO of Land of Nod Michelle Kohanzo
  • Pitch Email Templates
  • How to Get in Front of Art Directors
  • Building lasting relationships with Art Directors
  • Boomerang Technique for dealing with rejection
  • List of companies that accept art submissions

Module 4: ACCELERATE Your Growth With Agents

  • Q&A Session with Agent Jennifer Nelson
  • Preparing Your Portfolio
  • List of Art Agencies
  • How much work do you need to make in a year if you work with an agent?
  • How much money does an agent get?
  • How to work with your agent to get the best outcome

Module 5: Set It And Forget It: Systems That Work

  • Interview with Jon and Kaylynn Jordan
  • Organizing your files
  • Using a planner
  • How to not overload your schedule
  • Trend Forecasting

Module 6: Dealing With Copycats & All About $$$

  • Live Q&A with my personal IP attorney and accountant
  • What to charge
  • Personal stories of copyright infringement
  • Types of Contracts
  • All about the $$ you can make

Module 7: So You Want To Write A Book?

  • Interview with my literary agent Lindsey Edgecomb
  • Interview with Regan and Sada Lewis on Print of Demand Publishing
  • Getting Published in Books and Magazines
  • Writing and Illustrating Books
  • The publishing process and the money of it all
  • Working with a publisher to launch your book

Module 8: So Many Revenue Streams, So Little Time

  • Developing a product based business
  • Drop shipping, POD, all about manufacturing
  • How to manage inventory and wholesale
  • How to get your work into stores
  • Being the Boss and managing employees

As an affiliate for Stacie’s programme, I’m giving away some bonuses to sweeten the deal if you sign up for ‘Leverage Your Art‘ with my affiliate link. You’ll be getting:

  1. A copy of Stacie’s new book ‘Give Yourself Margin
  2. A $50 Spoonflower gift card
  3. Access to an exclusive study group on Facebook where we will go through the syllabus together. Because this is an intensive 8-week course, it’s pretty easy to get left behind, and so, having a ‘study group’ will help to keep us on track. This way, no one gets left behind.

Once you’ve sign-up, you’ll stand to win some EXTRA goodies:

  • First prize winner will win free tickets to the workshop + brunch at Stacie’s studio in Springdale (Valued at $300) (Travel and accommodation fees not included)
  • Second prize winner will have access to Stacie’s upcoming e-course’Let Your Creativity Bloom’ (Valued at $200)
  • Third prize winner will win two tickets to Stacie’s exclusive live webinar (Valued at $100)

Are you ready to take the leap of faith? Join me and take hold of the reins. It’s time to level up to who we are meant to be. Sign up here.

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