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Curious about surface pattern design? Struggling to find your way through the world of art licensing? Then, dive in the blog, and find juicy tips and stories on how to find success as a designer.

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What are types of revenue a surface designer can make?

15 Ways to Make Money As An Artist

We had an awesome time with Stacie Bloomfield of Gingiber in our Facebook group…

A chat with … Stacie Bloomfield

Look at a collection as a movie or book. It always have a theme, and centres around two main characters (hero print #1 and hero print #2).

What is a collection?

What is a mood board? A mood board or inspiration board is a compilation of photos, typography and illustrations, that serves as a guide when you work on a collection. As a surface designer, mood boards are indispensable to ensure that your collection has a cohesive colour palette and flow to the theme. The best […]

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Hi, I'm Mable! I'm a surface pattern designer. I'm passionate about creating designs that adds prettiness to every day life.

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