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Curious about surface pattern design? Struggling to find your way through the world of art licensing? Then, dive in the blog, and find juicy tips and stories on how to find success as a designer.

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We had an awesome time with Stacie Bloomfield of Gingiber in our Facebook group…

A chat with … Stacie Bloomfield

I am so pleased to put this up on the blog! Bonnie Christine is my mentor, inspiration and the catalyst to making my career as a surface pattern designer.

A chat with… Bonnie Christine

When I took the dive and jumped into Bonnie Christine’s Immersion, it was like an AHA moment.

In an Instant — Everything Changed

Okay, buckle up people, I’m going to spill the beans on my art licensing workflow. Go on and grab a cup of Joe… I’ll wait right here. Okay, ready? Let’s dive right in.

The Art Licensing Game Plan

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Hi, I'm Mable! I'm a surface pattern designer. I'm passionate about creating designs that adds prettiness to every day life.

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